a) Writer's Block

How many of you are still here?

I'm writing a novel (in Portuguese, sorry). Unfortunately, I've came across that annoying little thing called writer's block (I have the perfect icon).

In the meanwhile I found this meme on tumblr that could be a good help. especially if I got to discuss the answers with people. Is there anyone on my friendlist that's still on LJ and that still follows me, willing to help out?

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My main characters are Sebastião, Rita and Max.
a) Writer's Block


So, around one year ago I joined the Teen Wolf fandom and the Stiles/Derek ship. Because of that I joined tumblr, too.

Worst decision ever! That place works like a cult. Information spreads so fast, people lose all their critical thinking and just accept, accept. The level of hatred is beyond anything I've ever seen, from LGBT people getting doxxed, to people's pets being killed, all in the name of justice.

It's sickening.

Friendships I've made here over the years have been irrevocably ruined by that place, and I do have a hand in that, by how angry that place made me 24/7, by how defensive it made me. And I'm sorry, I really am.

I want to come back here, I want to live my fandom life in the place that was always safe, LJ, but I don't know how the Teen Wolf fandom is here, I don't know if the vitriol of that cesspool transfered here.

Anyone still following me here? Any ideas on what to do?
D/C - tie fixing

SPN 8.20


BTW, have I mentioned I've caved in and am know full on tumblring? I'm here. Come join me (and drop me ask so I'll know to follow you back).
a) Writer's Block


Mum: OMG, did you really eat all this marshmallow fluff?!?

Me: Erm, mum? That’s the mayo jar…
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a) Writer's Block


Da Vinci's Demons, where Leonardo Da Vinci is... straight?!?

Brb, committing art historian suicide. ;___________;
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a) Writer's Block

TW Fanart

Title: Devour
Author: 888mph
Rating: erm... Mature? Teen?
Genre and/or Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Somewhat not safe for work
Notes: I was convinced I was going to finish my first TW fic, instead this happened. Tablet on PS2. References used.
Summary: Just shirtless boys making out.

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